Confirmation completes the sacraments of initiation in the Catholic Church and makes a person a full adult member of the Church.

Sacrament of Confirmation with our teens. Bishop John Stowe, OFM ConvĀ 

Adult Confirmation

Adult Confirmation Preparation
Have you been baptized and received your First Holy Communion in the Catholic tradition, but never received the Sacrament of Confirmation?

This preparation process is for adults over the age of 16 years who have been baptized Catholic, have had religious education and celebrated their First Holy Eucharist (usually as a child/adolescent), and are now looking to complete their Initiation in the Catholic Church with the Sacrament of Confirmation. Adult Confirmation classes will be held in the fall and spring.

Contact the parish at (606) 436.2533 to find out more information about adult Confirmation.

Daniel Guzman was Confirmed at the Easter Vigil on April 20, 2019.