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Sacrament of the Sick


To arrange the Baptism of your infant child (Congratulations!), please call the parish office (606) 436-2533, or speak to the pastor or pastoral associate any Sunday after Mass.

The parish community is happy that you wish to have your child baptized.  In order to make the event as meaningful and celebratory as possible, we will schedule a couple of sessions with you to review the meaning of our own baptism, what the Sacrament of Baptism means for your family, our community of faith.  We will review the symbols of the rite so that they might speak to us loudly and clearly the gift of life has given and gives now in this Sacrament. 


Congratulations on your engagement.  It is never too earlier to begin to prepare for your marriage.  You must make arrangements at least six months before your proposed wedding date; in fact a year before the proposed wedding date is better.  There is much to do in preparation for the Sacrament of Marriage and we are delighted you want to celebrate this Sacrament of Marriage here, at Mother of Good Counsel, with your faith community.  To make an appointment with the pastor, call the church office at (606) 436-2533.  He will take you through the necessary steps required by the Catholic Diocese of Lexington. If either party individual is under 18 years of age, be aware that there are special guidelines required by the Church.  The pastor will be glad to assist you.  As you look forward to this wonderful occasion continue to pray for discernment and guidance.


RCIA is an acronym for the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults.  Those adults, and older young children, seeking to inquire and learn more about the Catholic faith are invited to attend the RCIA.  There is no requirement that one must intend to become Catholic, but that one merely want to inquire about the faith, to learn what it is that Catholics believe.  Of course, along the course of the year, many do make the decision to become a member of the Catholic Church.  But it is not required, in order to attend the sessions.  At Mother of Good Counsel the RCIA usually beginning in mid September.

You may call the church office (606) 436-2533, or look for the announcement in the parish bulletin.  In the meantime, you are must welcome to join us at our Sunday and weekday celebration of the Eucharist (Mass).  You will be most welcome.


The religious formation of our children is an extremely important privilege and obligation every parent and faith community shares.  Parents are the first educators of their children whom God has entrusted to them.  At your children’s baptism the faith community prays in blessing upon you that you might be the best of parents, teaching and forming your children in the love of God and in the faith.  Therefore it is a most serious obligation of every parent to first practice the faith themselves so that your children will learn first by your deeds and then by your words the love of God, and the practice of the faith.  To assist you and to support you in this obligation, the faith community at Mother of Good Counsel will provide teachers, materials, and opportunities for your, as well as your children’s’, formation.  Besides programs of adult formation and religious formation of the young, there are opportunities provided by the Diocese of Lexington as well.  Look for announcements in the parish bulletin.  If you need specific information call the parish office at (606) 436-2533.


The Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick is offered for anyone who is seriously ill, anticipating surgery, or elderly.  Do not hesitate to call the office and request this Sacrament of healing.  If the person is able, we will confer the Sacrament in the presence of the faith community at either Sunday Mass, or Thursday evening Mass.  Or if not convenient, the Sacrament will be conferred privately with the family.  If your loved one is in the hospital, please call the parish office immediately and let the staff know.  One of the staff will be happy to visit and bring Holy Communion to the sick person.  We will then place the person on our parish prayer list so that the entire parish may intercede for the person’s healing and well being.  Do not wait until there is a crisis or death imminent.

It is important that the person know and experience the love, support and prayers of the faith community.


For the family the death of a loved one can be a time of confusion, sense of loss and grief
that is immobilizing.  We wish to share your grief and assist you in every way we can with the comfort that our Catholic faith provides us.  Even before your loved one dies call the parish office so that a staff member can be with you and your loved one at the time of death.  Death is a holy moment, our portal into God’s presence.  There are materials that the church staff will provide you to assist you to prepare for the Funeral liturgy, the Mass of the Resurrection.  Funeral Masses are to be celebrated in the parish church, not in the funeral home.  Weekly we gather around the altar of sacrifice, the table of Jesus, to celebrate His death whereby we are saved.  It is only appropriate then, that we gather once again around the Altar, that is Christ, one last time to give thanks to God for the life of our loved one, and for the eternal life that is now theirs.    Do not hesitate to make your needs known.  The parish hall will be available for you and your guests after the funeral.  The parish will be happy to provide a meal after the funeral.


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