Eucharistic Celebrations

Sundays at Mother of Good Counsel

We invite you to join us on Sunday, one of the most sacred days of the week. We strive to foster and enhance the values of gracious hospitality, thought provoking homilies, and enriching Liturgical music.

Sundays 11:30 am

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Since the early days of the Church, the Eucharistic bread has been reserved in order that the faithful who are sick and those who were unable to be present for the celebration of the Eucharist might be able to share in the fruit of the Eucharistic meal.

Since the Second Vatican Council, we have been given a rite for “Communion Outside Mass” which does not specify “sickness” or “inability to attend Mass”, but includes the needs of the faithful when there is not, or cannot be, a celebration of Mass.

The hosts that are used for Communion Services were consecrated at Mass. In this communion service we will listen to the word of God, and share this Eucharistic bread of life, so that as Holy people of God we can go out to share the Good News with the world.

Wednesday 7:00 pm


Reconciliation after Mass or upon request.

Rosary 6:40 pm Wednesday evenings.

Adult Faith Formation

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