Designs are based on themes from the Catholic Bishops of Appalachia pastoral letters.

Family & Community

Concepts that inspired the design: Interconnectedness, Hazard community, community of Christ, spiritual support, companionship, love warm embrace, safe place.


The design has a strong circular feel that speaks broadly of “community”. Throughout our lives, we become an intricate part of the many “communities” that drone with activity in the greater community around us, from our family, to our church, the school, the softball team. Some represent life long investments, some we embrace only temporarily. Each nurtures and challenges us in its own unique way, shaping who we are today and who we become tomorrow. The balance of needing and being needed, giving and taking, within each of these communities, sustain us. It gives us a sense of purpose and self worth, and provides strength and support when we need it. These loving communities are our safe haven, that sacred place within which we feel comfortable, truly “at home”.

The curving lines are set against the backdrop of flowing horizontal lines that borrow elements form the other windows. This ties the theme of this window to the natural landscape and spiritual concepts represented with in the other windows, so that it speaks specifically of the Hazard community. This borrowing of linear character also creates visual harmony between all the windows.

Flora and Fauna

Concepts that inspired the design: Rolling hills, trees, flowers, creatures of the forest, song of the birds.


With a gentle and graceful touch, the designs reflect the sacred land, a richly diverse, intricate “web of life”. We flow with her season rhythms and find solace in her embrace. The land is a part of who we are, how we think and feel. This rich land, so abundant and complete, is our beloved home, truly our “hollow of His hand”.

The strong vertical lines suggest trees, with the inverted “V” forms at the bottom suggesting their base with roots below. The three rounded shapes represent rocks, deep within the earth, that the trees would wrap their roots around. The flowing, horizontal lines suggest the sweep of hills in the background. The curving lines near the top of the window suggest birds in flight. The small circles along those lines are facetted jewels a hint of the birds themselves.